All mums are BEAUTIFUL


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Our mums are AMAZING because…

**she makes my bed and cleans my room. (Will)

**she loves me so much (Aaron)

**she always is my person to look up too. (Sam)

**she always makes me roast dinner (Sophia)

** she looks after me when I’m sick (Jessica)

**she loves me alot even when I’m a bit naughty (Lucy)

**she gives me toys when I have sore arms (Thomas)

**she protects me no matter what(Harry)

**she lets me play with my next door neighbour (Ryan)

**she takes me to soccer and she cheers me on (Harvey)

**she gives me really good things (Kyah)

** she takes me to soccer and she buys me soccer boots (Stefan)

**she helps me when I’m hurt (Ashley)

**she takes me to soccer and tells me that I’m great (Joseph)

**she makes me eggs for breakfast (Noah)

**she plays lots of games with me (Zara)

**she helps me when I lose things (Sophie)

**she takes me on holidays to Merrimbula (Archie)

**she takes me to the pool and lets me go in the deep end (Eliza)

**she forgives me (Adele)

**she takes me to the beach and she watches me when I go into the deep part (Olivia)

**she’s always there for me when I need her (Isabella)

** she tucks me in at night time (Breanna)

**she lets me watch movies that are a little bit scary (Daniel)

**she helps me when I’m stuck (Hamish)

**she tells me that she loves me a million pussycats (Mrs Kelly)

One thought on “All mums are BEAUTIFUL

  1. Dear Mrs Kelly and 1/2JK

    The teachers at St Kevin’s, Hampton Park and I love your Mother’s day blog post. We think your mothers must all be wonderful. Hope you have lots of fun this Sunday.

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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