On Thursday the 16th of May, all Grade 1/2’s went on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. Even though the weather was wet and wild we decided to be brave and go!!! We went to learn more about tropical rainforests. We weren’t disappointed.

There were many highlights of the day, here are only a few.

We went to the education centre and Kat the zoologist, showed us three animals that live in rainforests around the world. All of the animals were nocturnal, so we had to be very quiet. The first animal was a Boa Constrictor. It was an Albino snake. This meant it was all white, with red eyes and a black tongue. We were lucky enough to be able to touch it. It felt rough and smooth all at the same time. Some of us were a bit frightened but we knew it wasn’t venomous to us. The next little creature was the Green Tree Frog called Glenn. First we had to wet our hands before we touched it. It felt slimy and a bit like jelly. The best was left till last (according to Mrs Kelly)!!! Kat described a creature that was very shy, poisonous and ENDANGERED. She turned off the lights and opened a curtain. Very slowy the most intriguing and mysterious animal appeared. It was really slow. It’s name is a Slow Loris. It is one of the only poisonous mammals in the world. It lives in the Asian rainforests. It looked a bit like a Sloth, a Lemur and a monkey without a tail. It had big, beautiful eyes and was too cute!!!

Other things we saw, admired and heard were:

playful elephants, especially the smallest (Harry)

hungry, hairy orangutans (Luce)

clever, climbing orangutans (Kyah)

squawking, yellow and white parrots (Hamish)

slippery, moving snakes (Eliza)

swimming, golden Star turtles(Daniel)

King of the Jungle roaring lions (Zara)

twisting and turning seals (Sophie)

digging, scratching Meerkats (Lexie)

Overall it was an amazing experience. We learnt lots of things about rainforest animals. We will help these unique animals by picking up rubbish, putting rubbish in the bin and making sure that tell others to clean up our world and NOT CUT DOWN TREES IN THE RAINFOREST

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  1. Dear 1/2s The zoo excursion looks and sounds great. I just love the Butterfly enclosure and am amazed at the many kinds of different Butterflies. I wonder how long they live as Butterflies?
    Mrs R

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