On Friday the 30th of August , our school celebrated our wonderful dads in the hall. We had a special Fathers Day Breakfast. The beautiful mums cooked all the food, cleaned and washed the dishes and served too!!! There was lots of food. Dads got to choose from pancakes, scrambled eggs, toast and raisin toast, baked beans, cereal and juice. Our dads had lots of fun!!! Our dads were really spoilt today.

Here are some reasons why our dads are SUPERHERO’S:

* He is the best tickler ever – Ashley

* He takes me swimming every week – Olivia

* He gives me advice about soccer – Joseph

* He gives me awesome tickles – Tom

* He is really funny because he thinks he is – Eliza

* He makes me giggle – Breanna

* He does the best foot massages – Ryan

* He takes me on bike rides – Sophie

* He looks out for me – Zara

* He wrestles with me at home – Will

* He cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner – Adele

* He takes me to the Rugby – Archie

* He umpires me when we play basketball at home – Kyah

* He is a great cook – Jessica

* He cheers me on at Soccer – Aaron

* He plays Sport with me – Harvey

* He takes me to soccer – Stefan

* He plays games with me – Isabella

* He plays board games with me. Sometimes he cheats – Daniel

* He took me fishing. Just the two of us – Mrs Kelly

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