Stations of the Cross

On Tuesday the 26th of April, every grade at St Thomas’ took part in creating a station to show Jesus’ journey to Calvary. Our grade proudly represented the 6th station which was where Veronica wiped the face of Jesus. The children were so reverent as they went around the stations and many children were very moved by Jesus’ last moments. Below are just a few samples of the childrens responses when we returned to class. All responses were thoughtful and beautiful. As always children prove themselves to be remarkably insighitful.

Today our class visited the 15 Stations of the Cross. It felt like I was Jesus and I was walking through Jerusalem to the mountains carrying the heavy wooden cross. By Harvey

I felt sorry for Jesus. He had to carry a cross. By Zara

Today 1/2JK went on Jesus’ long and tiring journey. There were 15 stations. It was so sad when Jesus got nailed to the cross. Jesus fell over 3 times. By the time Jesus got to Calvary he was EXHAUSTED! By Ashley

Today our class experienced going on a journey of the Stations of the Cross. Jesus was bleeding and he falls 3 times. Jesus died on the cross. Simon helped Jesus carry the cross. Jesus had to wear a crown of thorns. Veronica wipes Jesus’ face. Jesus was nailed on the cross. By Eliza

I pray for Jesus because I love him. He is the best. By Thomas

Today our class went  on a journey of the Stations of the Cross. It was a bit like Jesus but not in real life. On the journey a lot of people were yelling at Jesus and a very brave person, Veronica wiped Jesus’ face. Finally they got there and I was very sad when Jesus died. By Lexie

I’m sorry that Jesus had to carry the heavy cross. I also feel sorry because people were being mean to him. I feel sorry because he was bleeding. By Ryan

Today our class experienced going on a journey of the Stations of the Cross. Jesus was bleeding a lot. Jesus died on the cross for us. I was happy when he rose from the dead. I was sad when our class did the Stations of the Cross. I would have hated if I had nails hammered on to my hands. I bet if I had a crown with thorns it would have hurt. By Olivia

Today I went to the Stations of the Cross. I felt sad for Jesus. I went to 15 stations. Our station was number 6. Our station was about Veronica. Jesus had to carry a heavy, wooden cross. Jesus had to go a long way to Calvary to get nailed to the heavy, wooden, big cross. There were 2 other crosses. It was sad where the crosses were. Jesus met Veronica, Mary and Simon on the way. They all helped Jesus and they all stood out from the crowd to help Jesus. They were all nice people. They all got shouted at for helping Jesus. By Isabella

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