Literacy group instructions:

Read through the power point about dinosaurs. Leave a comment on the blog

about the power point.

You need to comment on: 

-something you found interesting,

-something that you are wondering about,

-and write an interesting fact that you already know about dinosaurs.

Stephen Poropat Palaeontologist 

Dinosaur Report

On Friday the 25th of October, Stephen Poropat a palaentologist came to our school and spoke to the 1/2s about dinosaurs. We all learnt a lot about Australian dinosaurs.

We found out about the different Victorian dinosaur species, which are Qantasuarus, leptoceratops, minmi and the leaellynasuara.   They all were living in forest areas and none of the fossils were complete.

A farmer in Winton discovered a dinosaur bone and now his land is being used for digs.  They have named some of the dinosaur bones Matilda and Banjo. The digs are open to volunteers from May to July when it is not too hot.  You need to be 18 years and 12 years to inspect the bones.

In the cretaceous period lots of water covered Australia and it has taken many years for the bones to come to the surface. The soil contracted and then the water drained into the cracks.

It takes 3 weeks to dig up the bones, then they are preserved and later they are cleaned ready to go in the museum. Some bones had to be covered up in the soil as there were too many to dig up.

At the end of his talk we all felt we had learnt a great deal. It was a fascinating presentation.

Our Australain Dinosaur Project

Australian Dinosaur Powerpoint

Read the power point about Australian Dinosaurs. After you have finished type a comment about what you learnt or what you found interesting. You could then type what you are wondering about dinosaurs. If you have time, write down the name you would give to a dinosaur if you found a dinosaur bone.

Listen to the fun song about dinosaurs. Write down any fun facts that you have learnt. Remember to sing a long.

12 thoughts on “Dinosaurs

  1. We learnt that the dinosaurus name means
    terrible lizards.
    I’m wondering about what the Earth looked like when the dinosaurus were around.
    How many dinosaurus were in the jrassic.
    how many types of dinosaurus there were.

  2. I learnt that the muttaburrasaurus was a plant eater that walked on its back legs. I didn’t know that it used to live in Australia.
    I am wondering how long it lived and how tall it grew. Did it have a favourite type of plant that it liked to eat?

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