Weather Forecast

Today we talked about and wrote a weather report for Melbourne’s weather today.

Here are 2 examples of our classes’ writing.



We have discovered the answer to some of our WONDERINGS.

Why does it rain? What makes hail? What makes snow?

The answers all have to do with the incredible Water Cycle.

Watch the powerpoint below and be ready to be amazed.


For some more fun facts on the Water Cycle, Clouds and other types of weather listen to the cool song below.

Read this Power Point to learn some facts about the sun.

The sun from

Weather Incursion on PhotoPeach

This term we are investigating how the patterns around us, help us make decisions on how to stay safe and understand our world.

Science Experiments

Every Thursday we have been doing science experiments on the water cycle and making rainbow colours. We have been writing a procedure for different ones and have learnt a lot about how things work.

These are our findings.

The Rainbow Colours

On the 8th of August we made rainbow colours.  Our class did a rainbow experiment.  What you need to do is put some milk in a bowl, then put blue, red and yellow dye into the bowl.    Then we put dish washing liquid on a cotton ball.  The primary colours mixed together and made the secondary colours of purple, orange and green.

By Ryan

The Cloud Experiment

Today 1/2JK did a cloud experiment.  We needed a jar, hot water, ice blocks and hairspray.  First we put the hot water in the jar and swirled it around.  Then we put the ice blocks on the jar lid. Then we put the lid on and little water droplets formed on the jar.  We took off the lid and sprayed hairspray in the jar and quickly put the lid back on.  We watched as a cloud appeared.  Then we took the lid off and the pollution floated out.

By Ashley

Today 1/2 JK did an experiment on clouds.  We put ice on the lid of the jar, some boiling water in the jar and then hairspray in the jar. Then we put the lid on and it made a cloud.  After that we took off the lid and the cloud escaped. It was really as though the hot water was the world, the ice was the cloud and the hairspray was the pollution.

By Sam

Today 1/2JK made a cloud.  First Mrs Beary put hot water in a jar, next we put ice on top of the lid and put it on the jar.  Then we opened the lid and quickly sprayed hairspray in.  Then we all watched the hairspray turn into a cloud.  The pollution had mixed with the water droplets.  Then we took the lid off and the cloud came out.  After that we put our hand over the top and it was warm!

By Harvey






10 thoughts on “WACKY WEATHER & PATTERNS

  1. Hi
    I’m Jasmine K in 3/4S. You’re lukcy you’re learning about patterns it must be really fun!
    From Jasmine K in 3/4S

    • Thanks Jasmine,

      We have lots of things coming to show you. We have just completed listing our wonderings and should have some new posts in the next week. Keep on looking!!! Say hello to Miss Shannon.
      From 1/2JK and Mrs Kelly

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